BEES – Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary is a home for old,injured and retired elephants needing rest and/or permenant care. At BEES we give elephants a chance to live free and to just be elephants.

BEES provide an alternative for elephants and their owners to move away from the busy city life and hardships of trekking by providing a retirement home for elephants and a place were elephants can live free and have a good rest in a natural environment.

BEES works to raise awareness and to join many others in the hope to bring an end to the suffering and exploitation of the elephants. There are over 4,000 registered captive elephants in Thailand that suffer everyday in the tourism industry being used for entertainment and trekking. Little do the tourists know that the $$$ are funding the continued exploitation and ultimately the suffering of these beautiful and majestic creatures.

Located just 2.5hrs drive South-West of Chiang Mai, amongst beautiful mountain scenery and lush countryside, BEES is a local family and community based project. Situated in a valley in Maechaem, we have  breath taking views of Doi Inthanon the highest mountain in Thailand.

This is a place where you might just find yourself lost in the moment. Experience elephants in a natural environment that stimulates their inherent wild behaviors…. Something well deserved as these elephants have spent their entire lives in the logging or tourism trekking industry before finally arriving at BEES.

Join our Volunteer Program or Visit Us on a short stay, experience living the Thai way in our unique traditional Thai style rooms (a mattress and mosquito net on the floor), enjoy refreshing cold showers after a warm days work and be rewarded by the sight of these beautiful creatures getting a better life. Learn about elephants from a different perspective and help us bring an end to the abuse and exploitation of these majestic creatures.


WATCH THIS VIDEO BY Ulio & Jack to get a glimpse of our program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpM6I0gsXnY&t=128s

“A place for old and retired elephants to call home”

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