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Hello wonderful BEES friends,

Hello from Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee in the grass fields at BEES.

Hello from Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee at BEES.

The sky is cloudy and it has been raining heavily on and off. Sorry it has been a while internet signal is shocking here on the project and in our little town Maechaem making it very hard to update and takes hours to post photos.

The ground is muddy and slippery and the ele girls have been having an awesome time up in the forest. They have been making their way deeper into the forest the last few days because the river has been flooding. They are so incredibly smart, it’s just like they know when their is going to be a big flood so they move away from low ground and deep into the forest.

They have been finding lots of juicy bamboo to chew on and have very full tummies at the end of everyday. The rainy season is a very slippery time of year but a very beautiful one. The forest really comes alive when it rains! Its so beautiful to see the elephants have a chance to enjoy this freedom, if they weren’t here they would be chained up on a short chain all day or they would be forced to work and carry heavy baskets and take tourists for rides.


67 year old Mae Jumpee enjoys just being an elephant @ BEES

At BEES we currently rent elephants to provide an alternative for owners and elephants so neither have to endure long hard working days in the city begging or working for tourism.

It can be hard renting as we don’t yet have enough support and it can be hard finding the funds to pay the rent. We are in the process and have been in the process of setting up foundation status and their have been a few set-backs with this. It can be a struggle making ends meet every month. Not only is it hard to find funding for a project like this it is also hard because one day the owners may want to take their elephants away. We have owners sign legal contracts that state the length of rent usually being for 1 year and at the end of the contracts it is the owners legal right to make the choice to keep their elephant here or take them elsewhere, we just need to do our best to keep the owners happy. Happy Elephants + High enough rent $$$ = Happy owners.


We have built great relationships with the owners of Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee and they are very happy and incredibly impressed with the health and care that we have for the elephants and all the animals of BEES. We can only continue to try our best to give elderly elephants a chance to rest and have the ability to have freedom and eat natural food.

The elephants enjoying a lovely walk towards Maechaem river for a swim in the deep water

The elephants enjoying a lovely walk towards Maechaem river for a swim in the deep water

We wish in a perfect world that things were simple, but it’s not. Buying elephants is expensive and we don’t know where the money is going. e.g. could be used to buy a younger elephant and the cycle continues OR for owners that no longer wish to have an elephant they will want to find a new source of income. This  new source of income is usually farming and more forest is then cleared for growing corn, rice or rubber and so the destruction of forest continues.

The elephant situation is very difficult and a single organization can not make these changes for a better future for elephants on their own. If we want to make a better future for animals and elephants EDUCATION is a key factor and all people who love elephants and animals need to come together to work towards this in order to create a better future.




On a different note, the kittens Gizmo and Tigger are doing really well. They are eating well, they love rice and fish. They are still on milk feeds once a day to get their weight up, they are tiny little babies and they have been wormed so hopefully that will help them feel a little better. They have got gorgeous big eyes and they love to play together. They are too fast to get good pictures they keep turning out blurry.



Mollie wearing her incontinence nappy kindly donated by Debbie Kirk 

Mollie the disabled dog is doing really well, as she is still too small for her wheels we have been making little booties for her to protect her little legs from getting grazes, but she manages to remove them within 5 minutes and uses them as chew toys instead! Mollie has good days and bad, today she has been balancing and even taking steps. Maybe all the swimming and massages are starting to pay off. Her foot reflex is still not normal, but maybe with a little bit of luck she will be able to teach her self to walk without dragging to much.

Holly the Turtle/Terrapin has been having shell cleans and is going on a round of antibiotics in the hope we can knock out any parasites that may be causing her weakness. She is enjoying her new pond and her friend of the same species ‘Bubbles’ loves the new pond too.

BEES is a community based project that works towards sustainable community development through education and working together with the local government and community, we also help provide a home to all animals in need and care for wildlife and run release programs where possible.





Holly the turtle/Terrapin enjoys a sun soak

Holly the turtle/Terrapin enjoys a sun soak

BEES was self-funded up until the arrival of Mae Kam where a few people/organizations have kindly made donations, we heavily rely on donations and paying guests in order to keep the project going. Please come and volunteer with us and see our project and meet our rescue animals or If you would like to donate towards the sponsorship of an elephant or care of the animals at BEES then please kindly make a donation via Bank Transfer, it is currently our only available option, but we hope we will have a Paypal option available soon.

This month we had a lovely Australian couple visit BEES with 80kg of Animal Medical supply Donations.



80kg of Animal Medical Supply donations from Brisbane Australia. Thank you Karyn and Peter for your kindness.

80kg of Animal Medical Supply donations from Brisbane, Australia.

A huge Thank you to wonderful friends and supporters Karyn Steele and Peter Olliver for your kindness and organizing all these wonderful donations and bringing them to BEES.

We can’t thank you and those who donated enough for these amazing gifts!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for your continued support! Gizmo and Tigger purr and meow a big thanks for following us!

Kind Regards,

Emily xx

All photos © BEES Elephant Sanctuary

A note from Emily

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Hello BEES Friends,

Noisy returned to the wild!

Noisy returned to the wild!

It has been very busy here at BEES since I wrote my first blog. So much has been going on it’s hard to keep track of time.

Noisy the Black-Headed Woodpecker:

On the 10th of May we had a local bring us a very distressed wild bird fledgling that had fallen from a tree and was calling in his farm land. We took the bird in immediately and took care of it until the feathers had fully come through and it was able to fly. A very special experience for us here. We named the bird Noisy and she was a Black – Headed Female Woodpecker.  The day of her release the 24th May was a very emotional day. She had become our morning wake up call and brought so much joy into our lives even if it was a short time it was a privilege. Noisy we will always remember you and we hope you fly free and strong and live a happy life.

Lucky and May (Rescued and in their new home + a trip to the vets):

During the time of Noisy’s rehabilitation we rescued 2 kittens Lucky and May on the 18th of May. Lucky was so little he was approx one week old when we found him. His mother had been dumped at the temple and she had given birth and disappeared leaving the litter behind. In the days to follow Lucky’s siblings died from dog attacks or had been hit by cars. Lucky needed milk he needed his mum, sadly we couldn’t give him his mum but we did the best we could to replace her and provide him with the food, warmth and shelter he needed.

Lucky the miracle kitty

Lucky the miracle kitty

We took Lucky and May to the vets on the 27th May (for check ups), along with 2 of our Male dogs and 1 male cat to be De-sexed. May was very skinny and had a bad limp, the vet gave her a few injections of antibiotics and vitamins and she is doing much better. We took Lucky with us as the vet had asked if he we could bring him in to have a check over, he said we were doing all the right things to help Lucky grow strong. That evening we returned home and Lucky got a serious attack of travel sickness. He threw up many times and he was so weak his little body collapsed. I thought we were going to loose little Lucky. We ran to get a hot water bottle and wrapped him up to keep him warm. His body was still apart from his stomach rising and falling to his breathing. He looked like he was nearly gone he wasn’t responding. At 9.45 am a little miracle happened, his little nose started twitching and May jumped up and started meowing loudly and licking him all over his head. He came back to us! We gave him fluids, continued to check his temperature and by the morning he was much better and running around playing with his good friend May. Today Lucky is doing well, he still is weak, but we hope and pray he will continue to grow stronger and healthier everyday.

Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee enjoy a feast for Mae Kam's one year at BEES!

Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee enjoy a feast for Mae Kam’s one year at BEES!

Mae Kam celebrates one year at BEES: (BEES celebrates one year of elephants too! Yay!)

In early May 2012 we met Mae Kam a very sad lonely elephant. She was chained in a small patch of forest above her owners farm for nearly two years, she had no elephant friends and spent her days chained, prior to this she had spent near 50 years working in logging, trekking and tourism industry. She had a long hard life, she has seen and endured many things. She would have logged some of the worlds largest teaks used for furniture today. We told the owner about BEES and how we want to retire elephants and give them a chance at freedom and he agreed to let us rent Mae Kam almost immediately and she was moved to BEES a couple of weeks later .

We rent Mae Kam in the hope to keep her out of work and in this life of sanctuary. Mae Kam arrived at BEES on the eve of the 31st June after a long approx 65km walk from Mae Hong Song to BEES. It was a 2 day walk in rain and shine. Mae Kam had her first free day at BEES on the 1st of June.

In celebration of Mae Kam’s one year at BEES we had an elephant feast set-up for Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee to enjoy. They enjoyed watermelon, pineapple, pumpkin and banana’s nicely placed out on some juicy banana leaves.

Happy one year at BEES Mae Kam!! We hope we have many more wonderful years with you to                                                                                       come. You are such a lovely elephant and have changed so much since you arrived at BEES.                                                                                                   We love you Mae Kam!

The grave stone of an 80 year old female elephant in the Elephant Graveyard Surin

The grave stone of an 80 year old female elephant in the Elephant Graveyard Surin.

Trip to Surin Province – Northern East Thailand: A land of many elephants.

Surin is the birth place of elephant history. Over 100 years ago baby elephants (4-10 years old) were captured in the wild to train and sell to use for work in logging or farming. In nowadays Surin has the largest amount of elephants then any other province of Thailand.

We saw many elephants on our travels through Surin and went to the Elephant Graveyard which is the only one in Thailand. A very sacred place for the families that choose to bury their elephants there. The families go to visit elephants for many years to come after their elephant has passed to pay their respects.

We even saw the grave stone for an 80 year old female which is very amazing. She must have seen a lot in her long life.


Mollie - the disabled puppy. We hope with love and care she may be able to walk again one day

Mollie – the disabled puppy. We hope with love and care she may be able to walk again one day.

Mollie the emergency rescue:

On the evening of the 5th June at 6.30pm we were told their had been an injured dog sighted down the river on a nearby farm land, it couldn’t walk and was dragging its back legs behind it. We got the torches together and packed a few supplies and a blanket and carry basket.

The river had already flooded once during the day due to the pouring rain, it was very dangerous to walk across the river, lots of unsteady rocks and sink holes. We searched where the puppy had been last sighted for over 2.5hours with no sign. We then walked down the river further searching, slipping and sliding everywhere, every second thinking please let us find her… Their were thousands of flying termites completely covering our torches making it very difficult to see. At about 9pm we decided to walk back towards home and see if we had missed the her along the way. We heard screams of fear in the far distance from inside a natural waterway leading into the forest, our dogs had found her and she was afraid. We were so lucky she yelped and screamed when she did otherwise we would have never found her. We wrapped the frightened, shivering puppy up in a blanket, placed her in a carry basket and got her home to safety.

She can’t walk very well, she can’t use her hind legs but she does manage to balance on them when she first stands up. Then when she gets going they drag behind her. We hope one day she may be able to walk again. It appears that she has been this way for a long time as she doesn’t scream in pain when we feel her. She is approx 4 months old. We believe she was deliberately dumped because she has this disability.

Your home now Mollie, safe and will be loved and well cared.

The abuse and neglect of animals in these parts can be horrifying. The things we see and hear are heartbreaking. This can be a very depressing job sometimes, but we need to continue the fight and educate the locals and give these animals a better chance at life!!

Please consider making a donation. We are not yet set-up as a Foundation/Charity as it has been a very difficult process but we are working towards this. We heavily rely on donations, sponsors and paying guests (volunteers) in order to keep the project running, pay for the care of the animals, to continue to rescue and provide a safe home and medical care when needed.

If you would like to help us help the animals please donate or become a volunteer today!

Thank you for your continued support! We all need to work together to make a change!

Kind Regards,

Emily xxx


All photos © BEES Elephant Sanctuary

A note from Emily

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Burm and Emily's House

Burm and Emily’s House

This is my very first BLOG ever!!Here goes hope I get the settings right :P

Hi everyone,

Well where to start, I guess I should start at the beginning…

The first time I traveled to Thailand was in January of 2009. I saw the abuse of elephants in the tourist trade and street begging elephants, it really broke my heart. There were signs everywhere promoting riding, circus tricks etc. It wasn’t long before I learned of the way elephants where trained to get them to perform these tricks and I felt so sad for them. In my travels I met many elephants that changed my life, I saw how so many elderly elephants were still used for work, malnourished, tired and worked long hard hours… I wondered ‘How on earth must these poor old creatures be feeling’…. As humans we have a choice to retire when life all gets to much or we are ready to rest.. Why don’t elephants have the same opportunity?  … I made it my personal mission to do something about their plight.

Mae Kam walking to freedom

Mae Kam walking to freedom

The project all began to unfold in 2010 when my partner Burm Pornchai Rinkaew shared with me the dreams he had to develop his community and to teach children English to open up better opportunities for their future. He has spent a lot of time with elephants, growing up in Maechaem many of his friends had elephants in their family and Burm was always interested in hopefully seeing these elephants returned home after all those years of work.

Burm and I purchased our first piece of BEES land in January of 2011 which links onto Burm’s families land. We rent the remainder of the land from Burm’s parents and in the future hope we will be able to buy a lot more land to have as much space for the elephants as funds will allow. BEES was fully self-funded up until the arrival of our first elephant… Now we need your help! We can’t do it without donations and your support, we need kind people who care about the elephants and seeing them have a better future to help us make a difference.

During Mae Kam's walk to freedom the owner decided to take of the trekking basket. She will NOT be needing this at BEES and we hope she will never have to wear it again

During Mae Kam’s walk to freedom the owner decided to take off the trekking basket. She will NOT be needing this at BEES and we hope she will never have to wear it again.

Once we had purchased our land and had our rented space it was time to raise awareness of our project. Just after the purchase I returned home. I was still studying at Taronga Training Institute in Cert 3 of Captive Animal Management, I had to return to Australia for 9 WHOLE months to complete my studies and work, to get the funds together to start the project. During those 9 months Burm was working away, building our House and building BEES first ever volunteer accommodation, landscaping around the property and preparing everything for my arrival. Burm and His father Poor Chom built everything by hand and with very little outside help. Back in Australia I was working and studying 6 days a week all I was able to do was to put my heart and soul into work in the hope if I distracted myself the time would come around faster….  It was the hardest 9 months of my life! I was without Burm and desperate to get back to Thailand to start our dream… Time seemed like it went so slow!

But finally the day came 26th October 2011, it was the day I flew from my life of 18years in the same house, still living at home with parents, just finished my studies and having spent nearly every waking minute planning and thinking of what was going to happen next and it finally all fell into place! It was hard to say goodbye to my family but we will always be within each others hearts.

I had arrived in Thailand, the thrill and excitement and all the emotions running through my mind was incredible!

Mae Kam free in the grass field

Mae Kam free in the grass field

During this time we thought we already had an owner interested in moving his elephant into retirement and we where all so excited to go to meet him, sadly this owner had changed his mind and wanted to keep his elephant in work. This was very hard for us, but it was his choice and we couldn’t change his mind.

After many months of trying we thought that maybe we wouldn’t be able to change the minds of owners and we may never be able to retire an elephant and give them a better life…


Then we found Mae Kam’s Owner. It was early May 2012. Poor Luang Panuu had a very nice smile, he is in his 50′s and lived in a village in Khun Yuam/Mae Hong Song District. Mae Kam had been in his family since she was born, Panuu has been by her side most of his younger years but when he got older and had a family to take care of he put her to work under the care of others. Mae Kam had worked in logging as a young elephant, she has dragged some of Thailand’s largest Teak tree’s used to make furniture today.  She has seen many things, it is also believed she was hauled into Burma when logging was band in Thailand in the late 1980′s, times would have been very tough, working long hours and dragging very heavy loads. She has only had one known offspring, he lived to about 3 years of age and just before he was due to be taken away for training a poisonous snake bit him and took his life, this snake was a King Cobra. Even to this day Mae Kam hates snakes, she is very defensive when a snake is about. 

Panuu had moved Mae Kam back home to his village nearly 2 years prior to when we found her.  Mae Kam a very sad looking elephant, with no mental stimulation was on a short chain and kept in a small patch of forest above the owners farming land. He said he brought her home because the people in the trekking camps kept beating her with nails on a stick causing huge golf ball sized scars around her backside, he was so far away from Chiang Mai were she was working, so he decided to move her home and care for her himself. He was so happy that their was a place for her to go that would be closer to his home and easier to visit her and check on her. He agreed to move Mae Kam straight away! Within 2 weeks the plans were set and Mae Kam began her walk to freedom on the 30th May 2012. I could not begin to tell you all the emotions at this time…. This was a huge step forward!

Emily with Mae Kam

Emily with Mae Kam

We thought Mae Kam’s walk from Mae Hong Song to BEES would be 3 days and we would be spending 2 nights camping over night in hill-tribe villages coming back down through the mountains. Mae Kam showed us all how quick she was… She ran her way to BEES!  The owner had her all harnessed up and ready to go sadly in her trekking basket, we left Khun Yuam early on the morning of the 30th after a many hours Mae Kam began to grown weary but had covered an amazing amount of ground and we stopped over for the night in Ban Hoi Bong. The owner decided to remove all Mae Kam’s harnessing at the end of the day and we were so relieved and so happy to see her free of the basket! Hopefully, to never have to wear it again.  On the morning of the 31st we set off early and began our decent through the mountains and closer to Mae Kam’s freedom!

After a long day we arrived in our village of Mae Tan, on the evening of the 31st in the pouring rain just after 8pm. We were greeted by so many  villagers that had juicy banana’s for Mae Kam… It was beautiful! Then we made our way down to our BEES property in the pouring rain, by this time very difficult to take any photo’s!! Cold, tired and wet we left Mae Kam to settle and returned to her in the morning on the nice bright sunny new day, Mae Kam’s Freedom Day… She was released into the grass field with lush green grass for her to enjoy.

The days, weeks and months to follow were the most amazing months of my life, Mae Kam had transformed from a very sad elephant into a very happy, vibrant, energy filled elephant with a real personality!


Mae Jumpee enjoying wild bamboo

Mae Jumpee enjoying wild bamboo

Just 2.5 months later came our lovely old lady Mae Jumpee. She was 66 years old when we persuaded her owner to move her to BEES. She had many years of work giving rides and spent her last working years giving rides bare back. She has very large breasts and has had many offspring, the owner tells us she has had approx. 8 babies. Mae Jumpee’s spine has a large lump, damage from many years of carrying trekking baskets.  We retired Mae Jumpee on the 15th August. She was transferred on her journey to freedom in a truck that left in the morning from Mae Taeng and arrived at BEES after a very long 7.5 hours.  When we arrived it was very late at night and we unloaded her off the truck and gave her time to rest. She had her first day of freedom on the 16th August.




Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee first meeting:

Mae Kam smelling Mae Jumpee for the first time, 16th August 2012

Mae Kam smelling Mae Jumpee for the first time, 16th August 2012

The morning of the 16th was a very exciting one but also nerves where running wild as we weren’t sure how the two girls would react to each other.  Mae Jumpee was released into the grass field first. We gave her sometime to smell out her new home and she got straight into munching on all the juicy green grass. When Mae Kam got close to the grass field she stopped and sniffed and turned around to run away a few times. After having near 2 years without another elephant to interact with it was as though she wasn’t sure who or WHAT Mae Jumpee was. After about an hour of Mae Kam sniffing about at a distance she finally made her move and slowly went towards Mae Jumpee, when she finally was able to build up the courage to get close enough she touched her trunk  to Mae Jumpee’s backside….Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, Trumpets of excitement, low deep grumbles… It sounded as though their was a truck rally going on the grass field. It didn’t take long and Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee had formed a great relationship. Mae Kam the fast paced little runner had settled down and become a slow gentle walker stuck to Mae Jumpee’s side. A beautiful new beginning.

Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee are amazing… They spend their days in the forest or down the river, eating natural plants and bathing, dusting and playing with mud. They have both been so amazing to watch on their journey and have really settled into being elephants and enjoy life as it should be!

Mae Jumpee and Mae Kam enjoy a lovely scratch

Mae Jumpee and Mae Kam enjoy a lovely scratch

We rent Mae Kam and Mae Jumpee to keep them out of work and in a happy life at BEES, we need your help to continue to give them a happy life and keep them out of work….Consider sponsoring today!!

On the 30th of this month, May it will be Mae Kam’s 1 year since she began her walk to BEES.

On the 1st of June it will be Mae Kam’s 1 year FREEDOM DAY!!! Yay!!This will be celebrated with lots of banana’s, watermelon and sugarcane!!!

It has been an incredible start to our journey in creating BEES, we hope their will be many more beautiful memories to come through giving more elderly elephants freedom before its too late!!!

Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do this without you!

Emily xxx


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