BEES currently needs funding for the following:

Elephants and Animals:


Option A: Sponsor the Elephant carer and owners: It is 15,000-18,000THB per month to sponsor an elephant carer (mahout) and provide an alternative income for the family that allow their elephants to rest and retire here. OR Sponsor an elephant permanently retired at BEES.

Option B: Sponsor an Elephants food and Medical care per month 4,500THB

Option C: Donate a percentage towards the care of a specific elephant from 5,000THB per month

Option D: Donations of any amount – once off or monthly for 1 year or more.

Funding for our resident elephants and other animals is very much needed. We need funds to keep the animals healthy and well fed. Your support in this area will go towards the upkeep of the elephants and other animals at the sanctuary. We currently also feed and house 4 tortoises, 7 dogs and 5 cats.

500 Thai baht can supply the elephants with  bananas for one whole week.  1000 baht supplies two elephants food such as watermelon, pumpkin or corn,  for one week. 900 baht buys a bag of dog food and 700baht buys a bag of cat food.

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*Be sure when making a donation to write what it’s for.


Education of Children and Locals:

Education is the key for creating a better tomorrow for the local children. BEES work with school to provide educational resources and visit schools to help the children develop their English skills. Aside from the English program we also run small children’s projects to raise awareness about animal welfare, conservation and the environment. We have both clean up days and tree planting days in the rainy season. In the rainy season of 2011 the kids planted an amazing 303 trees in one single day.

If you wish to donate in this area 1000 baht would supply trees for planting, bags for cleanup days or materials for the children’s English learning program e.g. pens, pencils, work books, coloring in pencils, rubbers and ink to print fun and education worksheets.

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*Be sure when making a donation to write what it’s for.


BEES aims for the local community to benefit from our project. Whether it be providing local employment, buying watermelons, papua and banana from local farmers, contributing to community buildings and development. We want to have a positive impact. We run an out reach program for local animals, join with organizations to provide free spay and neuters, vaccines and worming.

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*Be sure when making a donation to write what it’s for.

If you wish to donate towards any of the above via bank transfer, please get in touch.

Thanks for your kindness and support!!!


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