Volunteer Program

At BEES our programs vary season to season and depending on what needs to be done!

Our program runs Monday to Sunday.

Main Volunteer Activities Include:

  • Bath the Elephants
  • Walk to see the Elephants in the forest
  • Learn about the Elephants
  • Prepare the Elephants food
  • Feed the Elephants
  • Clean the Elephant area
  • Help us care for all the other rescued animals at BEES

Other Activities may include:

  • Teaching English to local children
  • Planting trees to conserve the environment
  • Planting grass for the elephants
  • Cut grass, corn etc for the elephants
  • Visit the local weaving village and support a group of elderly ladies who run a weaving club.
  • Cooking classes. Learn how to make some local Thai desserts.  Sweets in banana leaf or sticky rice in bamboo are recommended!
  • Assist in small projects around BEES or in a local area. eg  building a shelter, clearing old building materials etc.
  • Visit the Temple to support the community steaming spa. (The steaming spa is a traditional Thai healing centre where steam and herbs are used to remove chemicals from the body)
  • Learn about Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine. Our elephants are old and may need medication. 

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