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At BEES our programs vary season to season, changes can occur for various reasons and can also depend on what needs to be done!

Our program runs Monday to Sunday. Please NOTE: This is not a program to pat, kiss, hug or selfie with an elephant. You will get to see them up close but at a safe distance and respect their space. No riding, No Bathing, just respecting their space and helping to give them the best possible.

Main Activities Include:

  • Observing the Elephants in the forest
  • Preparing the Elephants afternoon treats
  • Cleaning the Elephant areas
  • Helping us care for all the other rescued animals at BEES

Other Activities may include:

  • Teaching English to local children
  • Planting trees to conserve the environment (In rainy season)
  • Planting grass for the elephants (In Rainy season)
  • Cut grass, corn etc for the elephants
  • Visit the local weaving village and support a group of elderly ladies who run a weaving club.
  • Cooking classes. Learn how to make some local Thai desserts.  Sweets in banana leaf or sticky rice in bamboo are recommended! (Please request early on in the week if your interested)
  • Assist in small projects around BEES or in a local area. eg  building a shelter, clearing old building materials etc.
  • Visit the local Temples
  • Tubing down the river                                                                                                                                                                                  6 year cake

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